We Treat All Ages in our Podiatrist Office

podiatristIf you are experiencing foot or ankle pain, it is wise to visit our clinic and see a podiatrist. As a specialist who treats foot and ankle problems on a daily basis, we can provide the insight necessary to determine what is going to be required to make improvements for how they function or feel on a regular basis.

We treat patients of all ages

Foot pain is not reserved for the elderly. To the contrary, even children can experience foot and ankle problems. When running, walking, playing sports or participating in physical education at school, children may complain of a sharp or dull pain. If so, it is wise to listen to their concerns.

The first thing to do is check their shoes. If their shoes are the wrong size, particularly if they are too tight, it may be leading to unnecessary pressure and discomfort. If their shoes fit properly, the pain that may be caused by something going on with the foot itself. We can examine a child in our office and determine what is causing them to be in pain.

Do not worry, typically, treatments are non-invasive and do not require any type of surgical intervention. Wearing things like shoe inserts and participating in regular stretches or exercises is often enough to decrease their discomfort and help a child feel better.

Adults need to keep an eye on treatment too

We also treat adults. Those who are working on their feet all day are likely victims of foot pain. This can actually lead to long-term foot problems that decrease mobility in old age. With that in mind, it is far better to address any of these issues while someone is working, rather than waiting until they have retired and have suffered permanent damage to the feet.

Seniors also visit our clinic on a regular basis to see a podiatrist. As people age, foot problems tend to become more intense and mobility starts to suffer as a result. We can treat this problem and often present solutions that allow seniors to regain the mobility they had when they were younger or at least be able to walk around without discomfort.

It is important to see a podiatrist

A general or family physician is someone who is tasked with treating all types of ailments and conditions. They see patients on a regular basis and should be the first stop if someone has ear or throat pain. However, when it comes to problems with the feet, a family doctor does not have the clinical experience to know what is necessary for diagnosing and treating foot problems.

They have a general idea but not the same level of expertise that would be found by speaking with an actual podiatrist. As one, we only deal with problems related to the feet and ankles. We do not treat ear aches or strep throat, nor do we perform physicals.

Our practice is highly focused and this allows us to provide a level of care that enables patients to have improved foot health. It also means that we perform more procedures and can even perform surgery when that is required to solve a particular problem.

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