Tips for Healthy Ankles

healthy ankles

Ankles act as one of the main sources of support for the rest of the body. The feet rely on the ankles to support them when walking, running or even standing. Because we are often on our feet, it’s important to know the best ways to maintain healthy ankles. If the ankles are healthy, then chances are the feet will be healthy as well.

Today, we will discuss the best ways to keep the ankles healthy and in great shape. People often overlook the role that their ankles play and assume that the feet are the main source for standing, walking, and running. However, without the ankles, the feet wouldn’t function properly, if at all! Below, we will discuss tips on maintaining healthy ankles.

Tips for healthy ankles

Wear supportive shoes

Whether a person is walking around the grocery store or hiking a mountain, wearing the best type of shoes based on the environment they will be in is crucial in keeping the ankles in good shape. Picking out shoes that support the ankle will be beneficial for the ankles. If they are supported by a durable shoe then they will remain in healthy shape.

Gentle or light exercises

Exercising the ankles is an important part of maintaining healthy ankles. While standing on the feet all day or running on the treadmill once a week is beneficial to the ankles, it is necessary that specific ankle exercises are done as well. This will increase flexibility and the strength of the ankles so they remain in the best condition possible.


The ankles are responsible for how well a person can balance. Practicing the ability to balance will help keep the ankles healthy. Stand on one foot for 30 seconds and then switch off to the other foot. Practicing this will help train the ankles to be strong.


Although massages may seem obvious, it is important to remember the benefits. Regularly massaging the ankles will ensure that they don’t stiffen up or begin to feel tight. If a person stands all day long, their ankles may often be sore or tight. Gently massaging them will help loosen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments up so they don’t experience further discomfort.

The massaging of the ankles does not have to be extensive or even by a professional, a simple at home rubbing of the ankles will certainly do the trick. The important factor is that the ankles experience comfort. They are often relied on by the entire body, so receiving comfort will help ensure that they remain in good shape.

Knowing what the tips are for healthy ankles can be beneficial to a person in the long run. Following these tips will help ensure that the ankles stay in good shape and don’t develop any problems.

If you have questions about tips on maintaining healthy ankles, call us today. Our trained staff will be happy to assist you with keeping those ankles in great shape.

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