Geriatric Foot Care Keeps People Moving

We provide a variety of solutions for geriatric foot care that helps our elderly patients to maintain or regain their mobility. It is common for elderly folks to have foot problems. With age, it becomes even more common for people to suffer from things like heel spurs, diabetic foot infections or plantar fasciitis. Fortunately, we have the ability to treat these conditions and help our elderly patients to have the ability to take a walk, exercise and simply enjoy a life free from foot pain.

Preventative care

We have found that is in our patients' best interest to visit us on a regular basis for preventative care. This can often prevent some of the problems associated with the feet as a person gets older. For example, visiting our office once a year or every other year allows us to complete an examination and to make recommendations for things like arch supports, orthotics, stretches or an at-home routine that can encourage optimal foot health. This way, patients do not need to wait until there is a problem, instead, we can work to prevent them.

Early treatment is critical

An important aspect of geriatric foot care is identifying the problem and treating it early. This is necessary for preventing the spread or increase of problems that can eventually lead to a lack of mobility. For example, we cannot stress enough the importance of our diabetic patients paying attention to the health of their feet. As soon as a diabetic notices a cut, lesion, strange bruise or problem of any kind with the feet, it is critical that they call and schedule an appointment right away. Even for patients who are not diabetic, early detection can make the difference between an issue being treatable and being one that can lead to a loss of mobility.

Some circumstances are not so dire but even in that case, it is wise to seek treatment quickly. That is the best way to prevent unnecessary discomfort. After all, when there is no need to live with the stress of foot pain, why do it?

Minimally and noninvasive treatments

Some people are hesitant to visit a doctor because they are concerned that geriatric foot care will involve invasive procedures that require extensive recovery times. Typically, this is not the case. In most circumstances, the treatments we offer are either minimally invasive or noninvasive, making it possible for patients to improve the health of their feet using solutions like shoe inserts, for example.

We do have the ability to perform surgery if necessary, but we will try all noninvasive options first.

Schedule an appointment for geriatric foot care

To learn more about the various treatments we offer in our office, give us a call. Schedule a consultation to discuss any challenges that you are facing and to hear about the available solutions. While here, we can create a treatment plan that includes the most comprehensive ways to improve your foot health and ensure that you can remain mobile as you continue to age.

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