4 Reasons to Visit a Podiatrist in Pocatello

There are several reasons to visit a podiatrist in Pocatello. As a foot doctor, we are focused on the health of our patients' feet, ankles, and even their calves. Our focus is on helping our patients to live their best quality life and we do this by ensuring that foot pain or weakness does not interfere with their mobility, as much as possible. For anyone who is struggling with this part of the body, it is best to visit our office instead of the general family physician. This is because we are focused on this particular area of the body and have the ability to provide more extensive treatment when necessary.

Reasons to visit a podiatrist in Pocatello

1. Get relief from foot pain

Anyone who is suffering from foot pain should visit our office. We will immediately get to work trying to determine what the source of the pain is so that we can eliminate it. For example, the pain could be caused by heel spurs, a calcium deposit. This is something that we can treat and, as we do, patients should experience less discomfort. it Is far better to visit us for relief rather than simply taking pain medication at home since this does nothing to solve the actual problem.

2. Ankle pain or weakness

Sometimes the ankles hurt as well or they may feel weak and unstable. In this case, we can also work to determine what the problem is and the best way to treat it. Ankles are incredibly important for remaining mobile.

3. Foot sores, lesions or strange bruising

Anyone who has sores or cuts on their feet could have an infection or be at risk for one. This is incredibly dangerous, especially for a diabetic. It is necessary to visit a podiatrist in Pocatello as quickly as possible to determine the best way to treat the feet and eliminate any potential infection. Failing to do so can lead to more serious foot problems and in diabetics, it can lead to the necessity of amputation. In other words, these early signs are important warning signs that must be heeded for a person's long-term health.

4. Arch problems or flat feet

Anyone who has a problem with their arch, such as it being too high or having flat feet should visit our office for help. Wearing an arch support or custom orthotics can be incredibly beneficial for supporting the feet and reducing any discomfort that could be caused by arch problems.

Solving the problem

Since foot pain is something many people are accustomed to, there is a temptation not to seek treatment, but to simply to self-medicate at home. This is a mistake given how critically important feet are to a person's ability to live an unrestricted life. If problems become permanent or severe it could make it difficult or impossible to walk. That is how important the feet are. As such, we recommend visiting our office so that we can focus on identifying what is behind the problem, treating it and restoring health.

Schedule an appointment with a podiatrist in Pocatello

If you are having any challenges with your feet or ankles call us today. Do not delay in seeking the important treatment that could improve your mobility and protect your health in the long-term.

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